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Prasad S - Co-Founder

Ricky comes with 12 years of extensive experience in building and leading marketing & Technical teams and responsible for client's delight through great communication strategies and project delivery. Ricky believes that best communication makes the company great. Definitely, you will fall in love with Ricky if you ever work with him.

Chandu K - CTO (Cloud & DevOps)

Chandu is a veteran Cloud and DevOps technologist with a decade of experience in transforming organizations from obsolete networks to next generation cloud and siloed technology operations to fully automated processes by leveraging the industry's best tools and practices. He loves new technologies and processes and believes that technology can transform anyone's business overnight.

Sri K - Marketing Director

Sri is a strong believer of Cloud and communication can change today's world. With 7 years of experience, she played multiple roles in the area of technology marketing and client communication.