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A managed cloud service provider that covers all the bases

UnicoLabs Cloud Services

We deliver the insane potential of the public cloud to start-ups & agile enterprises through a combination of weaponized geekiness, extreme automation and battle-scarred experience.

The public cloud's transformative power isn't in scale, or speed, or price. It's in the API. The ability for software to request and control hardware leads to an unprecedented opportunity to automate IT. UnicoLabs is obsessed with automation, to the point where doing something manually twice is once too many times. We deliver extreme automation to start-ups and agile enterprises through a combination of products, software, scripting and workflow automation. 

We are a veteran in various cloud services with certified engineers on each cloud. We can work on your internal cloud as well.

Client Speak

Nicholas A Bertha, CTO & Co- founder, Textile Media

As we plan to move on to Cloud which gives us agility.. We partnered with UnicoLabs . They understand what we are trying to do. Completed the migration with zero glitch along with continuous support.

Xu Kaicheng, Director of Infra, Elecircuit 

Initially, we were sceptical of outsourcing our Cloud need to a third party. UnicoLabs professionals gave us  unparalleled confidence. Execution was very smooth and saved our efforts.


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