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Software and Technology

Helping software product companies and ISVs embrace technological excellence

Our unique engagement models for software product companies and ISVs enable them to focus on their core business, while we take care of their technology needs, making them agile and flexible in their business.

Our Software and Technology Solutions

Turnkey Product Engineering Services

Avail cost effective and rapid software product engineering services backed by the best combination of technologies, features, designs patterns and developmental methodologies.

On-Demand Team Augmentation

Accelerate your delivery timelines and optimize ROI by scaling your development team as per your project or technology skill set requirements.

Software Consulting

Benefit from our advisory team, who acts as your in-house technology partner to consult you around every aspect of your software solution. 

Offshore Development Center

Build your own technology excellence center and direct your cross functional team as per your project requirements, while we handle all the operational aspects.

Software Maintenance & Support 

Avail preventive and pro-active maintenance and support services to ensure that your software stays in line with the latest technologies and features.

DevOps as a Service

Automate and monitor your project delivery pipeline with our cutting edge DevOps practices entailing continuous delivery, test automation, budgeting and much more.

What Makes UnicoLabs Top Software and Technology Partner?

Reusable Components

Our library of reusable components allows us to efficiently create software systems from existing software artifacts rather than building software systems from scratch. Our R&D team has developed numerous decoupled components exhibiting specific features that can be used across projects, thus improving overall software quality, reducing software development costs and time to market.

Agile Development

UnicoLabs has embraced a proven agile development methodology and DevOps deployment to reduce risk and deliver robust applications for our clients. Our DevOps process advocates thinking of the infrastructure as part of the application and allows for more rapid and reliable software release cycles.

Cross Functional Teams

Our cross-functional teams include engineers with expertise in different aspects of SDLC, such as business analysts, UI/UX experts, developers, database engineers, testers, etc. who work in collaboration with each other to eliminate developmental hassles.

Astute experience in Software and Technology Solutions

UnicoLabs roofs a team of 50+ software developers having expertise in providing more than 100 software engineering and consulting services. Our engineers are well versed with front-end, back-end and server side technologies such as JavaScript, HTML and ReactJS, and can handle your entire software development life-cycle with highest level of quality and efficiency. 

We follow engineering best practices and Agile principles to ensure quick turnaround & bug-free delivery of products

  • Clearly defined user stories

  • Sprint Planning

  • Test driven development

  • Daily scrum meetings

  • Mid sprint and end sprint demos

  • Scrum velocity optimization

  • Weekly backlog review and planning

  • Regular project management through Agile-centric project management software