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As a company, we have been delivering solutions for Product start-ups to enterprises in Automating by leveraging our certified DevOps engineers. We help companies with their cloud needs irrespective of the platform (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud).​​

Cloud Services

Let us take care of your Cloud and DevOps needs, while you focus on your core business

Cloud comes with the potential to disrupt business and IT together. Cloud traverses through different layers of Data,Infrastructure, and Applications. It becomes necessary for enterprises to have a comprehensive cloud strategy. With a right Cloud enablement partner ecosystem, experience of 100+customers, and proven templates for design, implementation, and management, our services enable you to connect through all the layers deriving maximum benefit of the Cloud.

DevOps Services

Software is a key driver of differentiation and business innovation. It is a gateway to new services and revenue streams, seamless customer experiences, and new markets. Today, companies must fundamentally change the way they build and deliver applications to support dynamic business needs.

Our DevOps platform helps:

  • Create a collaborative culture

  • Develop a lean governance model

  • Implement practices

  • Enable companies to deliver applications faster and more reliably

  • React flexibly to changing market feedback


The DevOps solutions enable shift from traditional phased delivery models to a continuous delivery mindset, made possible by better integration of teams within IT and implementing automated processes.

Cyber Security

Cyber Security and Data Privacy are two inescapable business imperatives that all businesses require as a hygiene factor in an interconnected environment. UnicoLabs has managed to address a number of our initiatives like the Cyber Intelligence Centre, movement to the Cloud, encompassing our global businesses into the compliance framework, and a very important step towards Data Privacy in the form of implementing the EUGDPR. UnicoLabs has taken appropriate steps towards achieving maturity in Cyber Security and Data Privacy, and has setup a cyber-intelligence center to stay abreast of the constantly emanating threats which plague the ecosystem in the form of Ransomware, Phishing attacks, Business Email Compromise, and the propagation of malware.

Client Speak

Nicholas A Bertha, CTO & Co- founder, Textile Media

As we plan to move on to Cloud which gives us agility.. We partnered with UnicoLabs . They understand what we are trying to do. Completed the migration with zero glitch along with continuous support.

Xu Kaicheng, Director of Infra, Elecircuit 

Initially, we were sceptical of outsourcing our Cloud need to a third party. UnicoLabs professionals gave us  unparalleled confidence. Execution was very smooth and saved our efforts.

We follow engineering best practices and Agile principles to ensure quick turnaround & bug-free delivery of products.

Engagement Models

Dedicated Team Model

Have a team of best in class developers with high level of transparency, flexibility and scalability. Team can be an extended arm to your existing team to accelerate delivery timeline or we can take over your complete development process and make you relax.

Suitable for long term development projects with continuous requirements and changes.

  • We don't hide any extra cost.

  • Pay for only done work. Flexible hours of work every month with part-time and full-time hires option.

  • Billed every month.

Fixed time and cost Model

Our domain experts will discuss and define the expected deliverables for your project and determine a fixed price and time line mutually.

Best suited for projects where there is absolute clarity about the requirements and specifications.

  • We will submit a formal proposal on technical deliverables along with the fixed cost.

  • We don't charge extra unless your needs change.

  • Milestone payments accepted.

  • Upgrade or cancel anytime

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